Small Space Makeover


I am amped to share the progress of a clients space I’ve been working on lately! When I first went into Ron’s apartment for a consultation I was immediately inspired by his AH-mazing coffee table (that I would give my right arm for… possibly even give up a child or two for it.) I was feeling a rustic/industrial/vintage-y vibe for his space would be perfect so that’s where we started! After I created a layout for him and he approved it, we got right to work and found the rug, sofa and decor fairly easy and in the mean time he was using his outstanding craftsmanship to fix up the room. I enjoyed working with Ron specifically because he is far more talented in woodworking than I can ever dream up to be so whatever wild idea I would come up with, he was able to put his hands to work and make it happen. Here is a before picture so you see how it all started…


He was the most go-getter human being I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He wanted to tackle the crown molding, sanding and painting amongst other things all on his own. Typically I wouldn’t be comfortable with that, but knowing his amazing skills, I let him get to work. I don’t think he knew exactly what he was getting into but in the end the craftsmanship made the space what it is. Crazy props to him for staying patient through it but I would say it was definitely worth it all. Wouldn’t you?



Some of the items you’ll see were actually his already and he asked for me to include them as best as I could. Let’s just take a second though and talk about my mad crush on that rug. It’s gorgeous, it’s legit and it was actually scooped up off of craigslist for a low price!



And remember that overcrowded, unfinished project? Well, would you believe me if I told you it’s a finished bed now?!





So let’s just recap the before and afters for kicks.



Well, now it’s time to start to work on his bathroom and kitchen space…

Keep your eyes open for updates!

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Mountain Nursery Wall


One of the rooms I’ve left pretty much untouched up to this point was Nolan’s room. Poor boy has been living in a nearly naked space. No life. No excitement. No inspiration. I LOVED his bedroom at our previous home and I just kept comparing all my nursery designs to that and nothing, NOTHING added up like I had hoped. Once I came across the mountain wall mural I was instantly inspired. Boom. That’s what the kiddo’s space was going to be. No more nude space. I was ready to clothe that nursery once and for all. So naturally, this whole post is how it all came about and how to abort a nursery crisis. I mean a nursery crisis is a true catastrophe right?! A freakin’ catastrophe.

In case you were hoping for a tutorial, well you won today.




1) Tape off your mountain outline. I could give you exact measurements and details for the mountain outline but that would all be made up. So, the truth is I actually just eyeballed the outline with painter’s tape and hoped it would work. Luckily, it did!


2) Fill in your outline with paint. I had a ton of leftover paint from our last home and so I mostly used those to fill in the mountains. (Also, you’ll see I added a sun. I wanted it to be perfectly round and the only thing I had on hand to make that large of a circle was a pizza pan. So you better believe I traced around that dingy old pizza pan to get the perfect circle I was looking for.)

3) Rip off the tape. Admire. This is where you step back and admire what you’ve done. Tough job, I know.

Here’s a before pic just for dramatic effect…


And after…







Little guy loves it and mama loves it. Double win in my books!

If you have any questions where anything was purchased just leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond!

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Slowly but surely spaces are starting to take their claim in our new home! Our living room is a couple projects away from being complete and our dining room is a paint job away from stamping it finished. It feels good to finally see progress starting to happen! I’ll tell ya, it’s crazy how long room makeovers can take when you have two kiddos 3 and under! Something that should take 3 hours can be stretched to 3 weeks but I swear by everything, we may actually have a finished home here soon folks! (Crossing my fingers on that one…) I’ve also taken on the opportunity to do home staging and interior decorating (which I’m LOVING) and I’m itching to share some of those before and after pics with you all! I’m a pure sucker for a good before and after.

I decided to share our fun fireplace wall first before revealing the whole living room makeover. Who doesn’t like a good teaser, right?! This wall is a very basic project that is great if you’re wanting to make a statement or if you’re just looking to make a creative accent wall! Like I said, it’s a simple project so all you need is…




1.) Measure how far apart you would like your lines and gently mark the wall with your pencil on one side of the wall and then the other. (For example: Every 4 inches down I would make a small mark on the wall with my pencil until I reached the bottom of the wall.)


2.) Connect the small markings from side to side with painter’s tape to create “lines”.


3.) Using your paint marker, create your saying. (We chose “You are my sunshine…” because I’ve always sang that song to our kids since they were little babies and we like to keep a kid-friendly vibe in our home. How very sappy of me, I know.)


4. Once you’re finished, rip off the tape and admire your unique accent wall!


I feel like this is such a fun way to add character to a space!




I think this would be ADORABLE in a child’s nursery or even a play room. Someone hurry up and do it! And if you do, don’t forget to post it on Instagram and hashtag #diyconfessions for a possible feature! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and your twist on this wall idea!

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Chalkboard Wall

Umm folks, my baby boy turned one yesterday and I think I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown!


Okay, okay, maybe thats a slight exaggeration BUT I’m not typically the sentimental type and yet his first birthday brought it right out of me. We have planned just to have the two babies and it’s never really bothered me too bad but it all hit me the night before he turned one. I suddenly got all this emotion…. our baby is now considered a TODDLER…?!, we will more than likely never experience a baby in our home again and soon enough both of my babies will be in school and then what am I to do? Ahhh… the life of a mommy.

Well, now that I feel like I need to pay you for a therapy session, on to bloggy things…

I am loving a “blank slate” for a house! It’s so fun to have a whole new place to fill with our family’s things and to try to make it our own. I’m big on having a kid-friendly home so kids feel like it’s their space too and that they’re not just living in mom and dad’s “untouchable’s”. Kids grow up soon enough so why not let them enjoy their house too as little ones? We currently have most of our space filled in our house but there was one dead wall that just was SCREAMING for help every time I walked by it.


It’s right by the bedrooms so I definitely wanted it to be a fun not stiff space. I figured I haven’t done my fair share of chalkboards in this house yet (not even one small teensy-tiny chalkboard) so a chalkboard wall is what it would become. It was the easiest project I’ve done to date! I was able to conquer it all while my boy took a nap and it was dry by the time he was up! Check out how easy it is….




1) Using painter’s tape, tape off your shape onto your wall. (You can do anything from a basic square to how the outline of a house like I did.)

2. Now fill in the tape using your chalkboard paint.


3. Once it’s dry, peel off the tape and voila!





As you can see the kids are already putting it to use…



Now, back to painting our built-ins that I’ve been working on for…. ughh, THREE weeks now!

Patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…

Wish me luck!


DIY Geometric Wreath


It’s not even hit Thanksgiving yet and I’ve drug out all my Christmas decor I could possibly scrounge up including our thrifted Christmas tree! It’s currently setting on top of a table for now though since my adorable but rotten little boy (who is about to have his first birthday! whaaaaat?!) finds pulling off the lights and all the decorations to be his full time job. I really should just let him just do it because it would keep him busy nearly all day long but then I would be redecorating a tree…




AND that just doesn’t sound all that appealing. My 3 year old daughter thinks we’ve lost it. She walked in the room and said “Mom! Why is our Christmas ‘twee’ on da’ table?!“.  I couldn’t help but chuckle at her complete and utter concern for my sanity.

This crisp Indiana weather has me stalking my Pinterest feed for any Christmas inspiration I can soak up. I was particularly on the hunt for a modern take on a wreath. I ran into this amazing geometric one by Mandi at Vintage Revivals and I knew I had to try it out! It cost next to nothing and only requires a few items to create it.


Oh, and the best part is it’s a great statement piece for the holiday season BUT isn’t limited to just holidays since it’s not the traditional red or green colors. I had to share how mine turned out but if you are looking for the full tutorial click here to find the step by step instructions!


I’ve been creating anything and everything I can think of with these straws and wire and as you know I’m going to be sharing every detail  with you all but for now… more pics.



I can’t wait to share what all I’ve created with these straws AND the “new” house progress!

What do you think about this modern take on a wreath?

Let me know your thoughts!

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BOHO Flower Bunting


Well, I feel like we have a lot to catch up on! One of the last times I checked in I mentioned we were putting our house up for sale and well, we didn’t just put it up for sale but we sold it in ONE week and moved into our new home a month later! It all happened so fast it was a bit of a whirlwind of emotions (especially with a 3 year old and an 11 month old) but things are finally starting to settle down and feel normal. It always takes me a while to feel settled in a new home but I can truly say I couldn’t be more happy with the house we chose! Now it’s just a matter of making this house feel like OUR home. We decided to go from a subdivision home to a 1920’s bungalow in a smaller community. It has some work that needs to be done but also has an enormous amount of character than just sucked us right in. I’ve now got an empty slate of a home and can’t wait to get to DIY-ing and gettin’ it all Ceara-fied up! And, of course sharing every little detail along the way…


One of the first things I’ve started working on is my little lady’s room. She’s a sensitive soul and I wanted her to feel right at home in her own space. She’s all girl and by all girl, I mean ALLLLL girl. The more pink, flowers and hearts there are the happier she is. She requested to have flowers in her room and to be honest, I wasn’t super keen on the idea so I tried my best to come up with a creative way to incorporate them. I figured draping them in a flower bunting would be the best way to make us both happy! Here’s the step-by-step of how I did it…





1) Leaving a large amount of twine hanging to the side, I tied a basic knot around the first flower. (Side note: I was able to find my flowers at crazy low cost. They were located in the seasonal area at JoAnn Fabrics for 70% off! So, don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on them. Just check out the discounted areas in the store.)


2) Then, I glued the knot down against the flower so that when it’s hanging upside down it won’t slide off. I didn’t do that the first time I hung them and within ten minutes they were barely hanging on.


3) Continue to do this process until you have a row of flowers stringing from the twine. I used 12 ft of twine and had the flowers 11 inches apart. Feel free to do how you would like though!


4) Last but not least, drape your beautiful bunting!


I love how easy this project is and the boho girly vibe it brings into the space! Of course Lyla loves it more than life itself too. I mean, it’s flowers… aaaannd as I mentioned, she’s girly.



I can’t wait now to get some more decor for her and one of the biggest things, staining her floors! For now though, she’s got flowers dangling over her head at night so she’s happy as a clam.

Follow me on Instagram to follow the process of making this place our own!

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HAIR ACCESSORIES: 5 ways to wear a scarf

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over scarves! I love wrapping them around my neck, wearing them as a shrug and rocking them in my hair! Scarves add color, texture and dimension to your outfit. Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite ways to wrap scarves around those beautiful locks! Check it out…




This is my go-to on a bad hair day! I just throw my hair up in a messy bun, wrap a scarf around my head and go and everyone thinks I made efforts. It’s wonderful.

Find the full step-by-step tutorial here:


scarf 5

I have to admit this one is my favorite! I love the look of the bow just sitting their so amazingly! (Uh-hum… I may be more girly than I thought.) You use the exact same tutorial as given in the one above but you just don’t tuck the ends of the scarf in.

Check out all her adorable head wrap pics here: Hello Its Valentine



scarf 3

This one has a vintage vibe that I’m kind of a sucker for. Growing up my mom would always tie scarves around her church bun so it brings back fond memories of childhood adoration. Once again, you use the same tutorial as in the previous two but you just tie it around your bun instead of the top of your head!

Find more pics and scarf ideas here:



This one is stylish, cute and a fantastic way to cover up a bad hair day! …Can I get an “AMEN”?! I have too many bad hair days so this is a lifesaver!

Full instructions here: Angel of fashion


scarf 4

This one makes me want to hop on a ship and play a pirate roll. It has a fun edge to it that will make people stop and give a second glance!

Find a hefty list of ways to wear a scarf here:

Now, get out those scarves ladies and start experimenting! Even if you feel out of your comfort zone just try wearing it out for a day and I guarantee you will get compliments all day long! And what lady doesn’t like compliments?!

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I was recently decorating my small studio (which I can’t wait to show you pictures of!!) and was lacking storage for all of my crafting materials. I wanted something a little different instead of a typical box or basket to store items and I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for at department stores. I decided it was time to man up (or woman up!) and create a little somethin’ somethin’ of my own. A tote bag used for yarn storage sounded just about right. I am obsessed with all the cool aztec designs there are on totes these days and decided to try my hand at it. I was going to just purchase a tote and decorate it from there but I got all domesticated and crap and created my own tote and then dyed it. Much more complicated that way but definitely more personalized! Check it out…

((Hey! Don’t forget to read this ->)) If you are in need of a great DIY tote tutorial with full step-by-step pictures you’ll want to check out Megan Nielsons “Design Diary” blog. She’s amazing and I love how detailed she is! Stop by and you’ll be smitten.


  • Lumi Inkodye (I used the blue color)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Trash bag (or something to go in between the fabric so the dye does not leak through)
  • Small Sponge


First, I would recommend doing this in an low light area and where you won’t mind if the dye just happens to spill or drip. I happened to learn the hard way.

Now to start… Once your tote is created, insert a trash bag (or whatever you are using) in the inside of the tote so there will be no chance of it leaking to the back of the tote.

Tape off your desired design. Have fun with it!


This is where the fun but tricky part sets in… Be sure to read the back of the dye package for instructions but mine said to shake the package well, open it and dab the dye on with a sponge onto the taped off areas. (The first time I tried to directly use the dye onto the fabric without a sponge and it was no bueno folks. I’ll let you learn from my mistakes…)

Once the dye is on the fabric, keep the insert in place and move your tote outside for the sun to do it’s magic! The light is what makes the dye color appear.


Once it’s dry, remove the painters tape and either use as storage like I am or carry that adorable thing around on your arm for all the world to see!




I love this as unique storage! I’m stoked to share this whole studio space with you all! Soon to come!

Love your guts!

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How to pair: high waisted skirts


Do you ever get intimated by the idea of how to wear a high waisted skirt? There seems to be so many do’s an don’ts to it. I personally love high waisted skirts for one very reason…. it creates the illusion of a smaller waistline. (I think we all can appreciate that!) After having two babies I need all the help I can get in that focused area! Here are a couple tips I found to be insightful on how to pair tops with a high wasted skirt. I used my adorable, stylish sister as my model for this post. She always comes up with great ways of pairing items together and I figured no better person to use!


Pairing with fitted tops: Fitted tops are the perfect pairing piece for a more flow-y, high top skirt! Pairing a solid colored, high waisted skirt with a fitted, patterned top gives the illusion of a smaller waist line as well as longer, leaner legs. Double score in my books!

Pairing with crop tops: Crop tops are a huge fad this Spring and Summer! If you walk into any department store you’ll see at least three crop tops available. Pairing a conservative, high waisted pencil skirt with a crop top is always fun! The high waisted pencil skirt never goes out of style and is a sleek, sophisticated staple for your wardrobe. Think of it as ‘party on the top, business on the bottom.’

Layering with a high waisted skirt: I’m huge on layering! It just adds excitement to your outfit. You can have a cute outfit but then pairing it with an adorable jacket or cardigan is like the icing on the cake. A great way to pull this off is by wearing a fitted top (or crop top) paired with a fitted, high waisted skirt (be sure it hits at least a little above the knee) and then layer it with a long shrug that passes the hem line of your skirt. It gives dimension to your outfit and makes it pop!

Accessorizing with a high waisted skirt: Last but not least…. I’m a sucker for accessories, especially belts! Throwing on a belt with a high waisted skirt is my ‘go-to’. The best look for this is pairing a fuller, high waisted skirt with a fitted top and accessorizing with a fun colored belt! It fully focuses in on your waistline, making it look smaller. (Click HERE to find a list of unique ways to wear a belt.)

I wanted to share these next few pictures to showcase an example of how to layer with a long shrug since this is one of my favorite looks and it seems to be the hardest one to pull off! (Thanks to my awesome sis for letting us steal her look….)




Be looking for more style tips soon to come on the blog!


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fruits and veggies

Do you ever get tired of throwing out unused food?! Each time I grocery shop I buy fresh fruit and veggies with intentions to devour every last one of them BUT they always seem to go bad before they’re all gobbled up and I kind of have a pet peeve about tossing out unused food! I’m to the point of crazy that even if we make boxed mac and cheese I save the left-overs. I know it’s only $1 but by golly, someone WILL eat the left-overs! (Anyone with me?!) It just seems ungrateful and a waste of money to chuck it. (Stepping off of my soap box now…) Well, now you will understand how pleased I was when I was introduced to “The Food Sanitizer”! I have to say I was a skeptic about this product at first because they claimed to be “all natural” and there are many all natural cleaners that use peroxide or vinegars but this product has NO taste, NO smell and is truly all natural! To all the moms out there, I think you’ll understand when I say it’s great to have a product that you feel completely safe to use around your little ones. I not only use it for my food but also use it as a household sanitizer. I have a 5 month old baby boy who loves to put everything straight to his mouth and this product puts my mind at ease!

photo of bubby

And for my 2 year old girl, she has no idea any kind of sanitizer has been sprayed on it! She can’t taste the difference…




Here’s a few extra reasons why I love this product:

  1. It cleans and sanitizes your fruit, veggies and meats using ALL natural ingredients.
  2. It kills bacteria, viruses and mold (including E.coli and Salmonella).
  3. It keeps your fruit and veggies fresh significantly longer!
  4. It’s FDA approved for fruits and veggies.
  5. USDA approved for meat, fish and poultry.
  6. Family-friendly cleaning product. 
  7. No noticeable taste or smell.
  8. Duals as a household sanitizer.

So now I’m sure you are all wondering, how do you use it?

Very simply…

When you purchase a bottle of “The Food Sanitizer” it comes fully mixed so all you need to do is:

  • Rinse off your food with cold water. IMG_4759
  • Spray it onto your food items …IMG_4767
  • and it does all the work for you!IMG_4782

Well, now that you’ve seen and heard how amazing it is I’m sure you are all dying to get your hands on this product. Wait no longer. You can purchase this amazing, family-friendly sanitizer here: You won’t regret it!

Enjoy devouring your fresh, clean food!

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