Coffee Body Scrub


I am a true, passionate, habitual coffee drinker. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’m the very reason they made coffee in the first place. I definitely survive off of at least one if not two coffee cups a day. Once I had my daughter I started drinking it sporadically here and there, then, I had my son. It got bumped to three cups a day real fast. I realized my addiction was on the verge of sending me into AA meetings with all the other coffee addicts so I chilled it down… a bit. My Keurig has quickly become my best friend and the one I can truly rely on to make me coffee each morning. That’s great and all but what do I do now with all of my leftover coffee grounds from pre-Keurig days? You make a coffee scrub, that’s what you do. You definitely can’t just throw coffee away because that would be a complete crying shame folks. So, without further  adieu, I give you the recipe…



  • 1/4 Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons Coffee Grounds
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon


  • Mix ingredients together
  • Distribute into small canisters
  • To use, dampen skin and thoroughly scrub onto skin. Rinse and pat dry.
  • (Makes approximately 3/4 cup body scrub.)


Your bathroom, actually your whole home will smell fabulous after you use this! You’ll also love all the benefits that come from using the coffee body scrub…


Coffee grinds…

  • Act as an exfoliator for dry skin,
  • Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite
  • Can actually help to rid puffy eyes.

Let me know what benefit of the coffee scrub you find most relevant for you! I know I found it helped to soften my hands and great to use on the tush before putting on the bathing suit bottom. Who doesn’t like for that to look it’s best?!

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Eclectic Entry


If i see a vintage item at a thrift store and it inspires me, I snag that baby right up! Even if I don’t have a specific spot in mind for it I still purchase it because I will incorporate it at some point. It gives a little slice of your personality to all who see it and it feels more personal for you when you see it on a daily basis. For example, most of the items seen in the picture were thrifted at some point and I had no idea what I really wanted them for but I knew I liked them! I may or may not be encouraging hoarding?! It’s funny because I’m a purger. Like crazy bad purger with clothes and such but at the same time I love to collect little tidbits of decor here and there and stuff it in the basement until I find a rhyme or reason for it. These thrifted finds found a permanent home here in my entry.



The ottoman seen in the picture was a whoppin’ $5, I added the ottoman legs for another $10 and the antique-y shelf was a $25 find. This is why I love thrifting! You find stuff a little more unique and yet true to your personality and for crazy affordable!


Also using hand-me-down or inherited items that have meaning into your space are a great way to bring in nostalgia. This wood piece was actually used for stamps and was given to us from a family member that passed.



I wanted a unique take on a coat rack and decided to bring in an industrial element with the pipes. I’m truly obsessed with the simplicity and uniqueness of it!







All in all I’m pleased with the vintage-eclectic vibe it has and the convenience of having the shoes handy for the kids to snag them up when it’s time to rush out the door.

Anyways, short and sweet post with an overkill of pics. My kind of post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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10 Habits of a Happy Mom


You’ll find me in the dead center of the chaotic, yet rewarding thing called parenting these days. Hair thrown in a messy bun, one child hanging onto the tip of my sweater, other one on the hip, diaper bag falling off my shoulder and a coffee in hand. Sound familiar? Yet, nevertheless when you see me I’ll have a smile plastered on my face while cracking jokes about the disaster of a day I’ve had. Who am I kidding? The day? I’m sure it’s only 10 AM…

This is reality.

This is life.

And it’s okay.

After talking with a lot of great moms, I found that the majority feel like they are failing at motherhood. I’m in the same boat all too often. Why is this? We know the depth of the responsibility that has been given to us. Although it’s an extraordinary gift to be a mother, we can look straight into the eyes of our precious babies and see their WHOLE life ahead of us and that can be intimidating. We are cautious of what is going to effect them now and in their future. We don’t want to make a wrong choice and to be that parent that our kids are talking about in counseling 30 years down the road. I know I have two little people who are soaking up my every move, the way I react or don’t react, my choices and how to love and sometimes I just don’t feel equipped for the position. It is a honorable responsibility to be given these amazing lives to build up and mold but at the same time we do not need to put the pressure of being a perfect parent on ourselves. As long as we are doing our best and our babies are thriving, we are winners. All of us.

In the midst of feeling like I was slowly losing myself and the structure of our home, I decided that I was going to reflect on the last 3 (almost 4) years of parenting and write down the times I’ve found me and my kids were the happiest. From there I thought about what I was doing differently during those times that seemed to play a part of the happiness and came up with a list for me to refer back on in the tough times and to strive to live by daily. This doesn’t mean I’ve conquered parenting, I’m actually learning some of these over again but I wanted to go ahead and share with all of you mommies out there my experiences and thoughts on motherhood. Hopefully you can relate with it and we can all support one another!


1 | TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF – I’m finding more and more than I NEED alone time. I don’t always want to be alone but after reading books and talking to kiddos all day, sometimes I just need a breather. Many times I’ve just taken a country drive with the windows down, a night of thrifting, a date night at starbucks with my laptop or if I can’t escape for the night I’ll just set on my front porch and soak up the sounds of life. Whatever you enjoy on a night away, find time to do it.

2 | LOVE RELENTLESSLY – I read one time that the kids that act out the most are actually the ones that need the most love. Their not going to ask you for it and sometimes will act disgusted by you hugging or kissing their cheek but they do need it! One of my kiddos tends to act out over unnecessary things and definitely is one that needs some extra TLC especially on the tough days. Give them all you’ve got. This obviously also works in other relationships outside from parenting. They see how we act towards daddy or grandma or whoever is close in their life. Loving those people relentlessly too so our kids can learn how to love goes a long way.

3 | SCHEDULE – Whew. This one has always scared me off when people would talk about their “schedules”. I’m always teased that I’m a “hippy” mom and me and schedules just don’t mix all that great. However, schedules do work and help a child to know what’s expected of them for the day. It sets their limits for them. For some, this may mean a tangible schedule posted somewhere within the house, for others it may just be more of a mental routine setting but however you would like to do it, you will find you and the kids will be happier.

4 | ENTERTAIN IN DOSES – This comes fairly easy for some moms and then there’s moms like me that have to learn this the hard way. The hard way is never fun and yet I seem to always learn that way! (I may or may not be slightly hard-headed.) It is great to entertain but in small doses. I can only write this because I recently learned how to do this, finally. I find the easiest way to do this is by having set times where they know they are going to have interactive play and know when it is time for free play. Referring back to #3 with having a schedule will help reinforce this.

5 | BALANCING ROLES – Kids will test and test and test us again. It’s their job. We did it as kids will do it to us. This is how we learn our boundaries and what we are aloud to get away with and what we aren’t. This is what shapes us. We need to set obvious boundaries and when they do cross over that line they need to know they will have a consequence whatever that may be for your family. It’s sometimes exhausting to stick with this but if the roles reverse and the children are running us, what good is that doing? We end up worn out and the kids end up emotionally exhausted. Finding that healthy middle ground where the kids have room to ask questions and understand why they were given a consequence but not let them make the boundaries for themselves is sometimes tough to find but is rewarding for all.

6 | EXPRESSING FORGIVENESS – Something I am HUGE on is expressing forgiveness when they have done something wrong. Whether we think it is the worst thing in the world or that NO other child would dare do this, we must forgive and let them know we forgive them. It doesn’t mean we let them get away with a wrong choice but the child needs to know he/she is forgiven so they can feel love in the midst of a learning process.

7 | FIND AN OUTLET – We all have our outlet that makes us feel like we’ve found ourselves gain. Mine is creating anything from a basic craft to a large project, blogging, hanging out with friends, thrifting, going to the movies, reading a book, a country drive. Anything! If you don’t have an outlet or a hobby, make one. We ALL need to be interested in something that’s healthy for us. Taking time to invest in our hobby or creative outlet helps to rid off depression or restlessness that a lot of find ourselves falling into.

8 | FIND HUMOR – Choosing for the glass to be half full even on those days you don’t truly feel like it is. If the kids do something silly, let yourself belly laugh. If the day is a bit of a disaster, find humor in something that day. We all make mistakes. There are going to be those days that are ridiculously tough but then there will be days that are amazingly rewarding. Take it all in. The good and the bad and just smile even through the happy and sad tears.

9 | ASK FOR HELP – It is 100% okay to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes you need a break or want to get things done and it’s just too much to do it with your little “assistants” there. Everyone has someone they can fall back on and ask for a extra hand for the day. Just ask. If you’re married and need more help around the house, just ask. Women are bad about waiting for the man to pick up on the hint when really they just want us to tell them what we need. If you’re a single mom, all the more reason to find someone you can trust to help you out. Just be clear on what you need and don’t wait for people to come to you.

10 | SUPPORT OTHER MOMMIES – I cannot express how much this one means to me! I would love for more women to jump on board of supporting one another. Maybe you are intimidated by another mom, or maybe she doesn’t parent like you, whatever it is, we need to stop judging one another and show our support, love and helping hand to other moms. There is no hand book to life or a tutorial on how to be a mommy and each child and family is different and may require a different outlook than yours. But all in all we are all doing the same thing. We all have the same beautiful responsibility. We are all passionate about our sweet babies and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Take time to tell another mom how amazing she is, how gorgeous she is inside and out or what a great job she is at loving her kids. It will not go unnoticed.

I am striving to take these 10 tips and make them into daily habits to be a more well rounded, happier mom and in return, my babies will feel happier too!

What have you found that helps your day to day life run smoother? I would love to hear from you in the comments and incorporate your input into my own life.

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(MOVIE NIGHT) Teachers Gift


My little lady has officially conquered her first year of preschool and I couldn’t be more proud of her! I had always been a stay at home mama and so to say I was a little nervous to see how preschool would play out is an understatement. We had a rough go around for the first few months but after that she fell in love with her school, her classroom, her friends and her teachers. It’s beyond incredible to birth this little tiny human, nurture them, mold them and then watch them try their hand at their real “first” independent milestone in life. The end of the school came abruptly and I was scrounging for gift ideas for her teachers. I know there’s the typical “go-to” presents for teachers that consist of some kind of apple being involved, a mug, crayons, etc. You know the drill. So with that being said, I wanted something that they would actually use and that somewhat encouraged them to pamper themselves and relax. (God knows after dealing with a classroom of 3 & 4 year olds for a year they deserve to take a moment for themselves.) That’s why I came up with the “movie” theme. You know, candy, pop, a gift card to the movies and of course popcorn. You can’t forget the popcorn! Here’s what all you need to make it as well!



1 | Snacks: popcorn, candy, etc

2 | Pop/Drink                                                                                                                 

3 | Basket

4 | Burlap (mine was 28 in x 30 in)

5 | Scissors

6 | Black construction paper

7 | White paint marker

8 | Movie gift card/Netflix gift card

9 | String OR twine

10 | Hot glue gun


As you can see it’s very basic to throw together! I laid the burlap completely flat out on a table, pinched the center of the fabric and put it in the bottom of the basket. After a little fluffing it looked cute and presentable which worked for me! Then I put all the items into the basket and tried to arrange them attractively. After arranging, I wrote the teacher’s name on the black construction paper using the paint marker, cut it out and hot glued it to the basket. Last but not least, I triple wrapped the string around the basket and tied a basic bow. (At the very end I realized I had forgotten a “thank you” card so did toss one in as well.)



Simple. Fun. Rewarding.

Now, anyone who wants to volunteer to get me this for just keeping my kids alive daily, I’m down. Just sayin’…


15 (ridiculously good) LEMONADE RECIPES


Summer is right around the corner and I don’t know about you but I could live outside all Summer and be as happy as a clam. Give me a blanket to sit on, a breeze blowing through my unruly hair and a mason jar full of sweet, tangy lemonade and I’m good as gold. I love the whole back-yard scene and all the expectations of jamming in as many adventurous days into Summer as possible. I used to tease my husband over the fact that he was slightly obsessed over fulfilling his “bucket list” and here I am starting a Summer bucket list. Watch what you say folks (especially to your spouse) because time will stick it to you. Karma is a funny thing…

Well, since warm weather is on the brain, I scrounged up some amazingly-addictive lemonade recipes that will fulfill your taste buds and leave your cookout guests begging for one more glass.





1 | Strawberry Basil Lemonade

This sounds delicious to me and I’m not even a strawberry lover! I know, don’t judge. Everyone likes strawberries, right? Well, this girl hasn’t up until this point. I think this recipe may have won me over! (full recipe found here:


2 | Watermelon Lemonade

I currently have a huge watermelon sitting in my kitchen that is screaming to be devoured. I think I may just turn it into lemonade and slurp it all away! (full recipe found here:

blueberry mint lemonade

3 | Blueberry Mint Lemonade

I don’t think one single person in this world could look at this picture and deny that it looks unbelievably scrumptious! This will definitely be a constant recipe that’s used in our house! (full recipe found here:

raspberry peach lemonade

4 | Raspberry Peach Lemonade

I find the combination of this recipe to be intriguing! As stated by the creator of this recipe, Chungah, “Fresh raspberries and peaches add such a wonderfully fruity flavor in this refreshing drink!” Boom. Sold me. (full recipe found here:

pineapple lemonade

5 | Pineapple Lemonade

The majority of the world loves a good pineapple since it’s one of the sweeter fruits out there. Well, now you can slurp it up and it doesn’t have to just be in a pina colada. You can chug this drink at 10 AM and not be considered an alcy. You’re welcome. (full recipe here:

lavender lemonade

6 | Lavender Lemonade

You won’t even realize your sipping up a plethora of healthy benefits while you enjoy this yummy recipe! Lavender is known for improving anxiety, wounds, hair loss and infections just to name a few. (full recipe found here:

pomegranate lemonade punch

7 | Pomegranate Lemonade Punch –

This recipe is excellent for cookouts, baby showers, lunch-ins or a party of any sort. It’s what I call lemonade on crack. It’s got all the factors of lemonade with a little flair to it! (full recipe found here:

honey lemonade

8 | Honey Lemonade

I will be making this one consistently in my house. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and sour AND it’s healthy! Triple win in my books. (full recipe found here: healthful


9 | Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade

This one has me drooling! They had me at blackberries. This is also another one that would be a tasteful cup of a party refresher. It’s a wonderful one to enjoy at home or to mix up for entertaining guests. Be prepared to be asked for the recipe by all! (full recipe found here:


10 | Classic Lemonade

If you came just looking for an old-fashioned lemonade recipe, you found it! Originally that was what I was on the hunt for and I found this fabulous yet classic homemade lemonade recipe! (full recipe found here:


11 | Strawberry Ginger Lemonade

If you’re looking to use up those strawberries in your refrigerator before they go bad, then use them on this recipe! This unique recipe will surprise you and leave you begging for more. (full recipe found here:

cherry pineapple

 12 | Cherry Pineapple Lemonade

We have already talked about a pineapple lemonade but now there’s a twist. Cherry pineapple lemonade is a great way to naturally sweeten the sour and quench that thirst on a hot day. (full recipe found here:

copy cat kiwi

13 | Kiwi Lemonade

Honestly, I’ve never thought to make kiwi lemonade before but now that the recipe has been laid out in front of me I’m kind of tempted to take a stab at it. It’s claimed to be the copy-cat recipe of Applebee’s kiwi lemonade. Try it out folks! (full recipe found here:

strawberry lemonade

14 | Strawberry Lemonade

There’s been a mix of recipes including strawberries but this is the classic take on strawberry lemonade! This will be a constant in our refrigerator this Spring/Summer. This is a recipe that will be liked by all! (find the full recipe here:


15 | Watermelon Lemonade Slushies 

I figured for the last and final recipe we should change things up a bit! This recipe gives the sweet, sour AND the icy. What more could we ask for? (full recipe found here:

So much amazing recipes mashed into one post! I can’t wait to try my hand at these. I kind of want to have a get together with friends and have a lemonade stand available where you can pick from any of these recipes and someone can make them for you right then and there. Sounds fun, right?!


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I hope all of you mommies out there had a wonderful, fun-filled Mother’s day with your sweet loves! Mine was simple and yet wonderful all at the same time. Lyla (who’s 3) went to the store and picked out her own present for me which means more to me than a gift that’s worth a million dollars. I never thought I would be that sentimental mama but here I am holding onto every preschool paper she brings home, grasping onto all the memories I can and making the most of every moment. It’s funny how motherhood changes you.


Well now that Mother’s Day has come and gone it’s got me racking my brain of what to do for my husband for Father’s Day. I love having the kids do something for him but I also wanted to give a gift from me personally that was a little different than my standard gifts I normally do. I started scoping out some ideas on Pinterest and found some fun, unique ideas that I would’ve never thought of on my own! (Don’t you just love Pinterest…) I figured I would go ahead and share the ideas with you now so you have plenty of time to get prepped to make his day the best you possibly can.


1 | Wool Felt Ipad Sleeve

Style meets functionality. It’s made up of wool and leather and has a perfectly convenient front pocket for all of the accessories needed to take along with you for the day.

felt sleeve

2 | DIY Checkers

Who doesn’t love checkers?! If you have a board game loving dad in your life, this is the gift for him! It’s easy to make, affordable and unique!


3 | Sampler Boxes

Is your man a foodie? Yup. Mine is too. Make it personal by getting samples of his favorite foods from around town and store it in a wooden box. I know my husband would go crazy over this one.

sample box

4 | Customized Tie Tack

Here’s one for the business man in your life… a customized tie tack. The fact that you are able to personalize it makes it have sentimental value but it’s also something he can use day to day.

tie tack

5 | Swiss Army Key Ring

I find this one to just be plain rad and unique! There’s no way a man wouldn’t be completely obsessed over this. I don’t think you could ever have the excuse of losing a key again with this one…

swiss army key

6| Cuff Links

I’m dying over these and if I was to ever wear cuff links, well, these would be it right here! Definitely a perfect pair for a vintage lover.


7| Passport Holder

I’m sure we have quite a few daddies out there that are travelers. Here’s a very practical but stylish passport holder that you’ll find handy!


8| Wood Watch

Here’s a great gift that could go for the modern minimalist OR the rustic loving dad. It’s simple, trendy and functional. Aaaand I’m kind of wanting a girl version of it!

wood watch

9| Giant Jenga

This is a fun one that the whole family can get involved with! This giant Jenga is beyond affordable, family friendly and a great outdoor, summer game.


10| Respect the Beard Flask

For all the bearded, hipster, drinkers out there, this “respect the beard” flask is sure to be the talk of the party!


Enjoy spoiling your man and making him have all the feels for his daddy’s day. Be sure to leave in the comments which gift idea is your favorite or if you have any other amazing gift ideas please feel free to share as well!

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Small Space Makeover


I am amped to share the progress of a clients space I’ve been working on lately! When I first went into Ron’s apartment for a consultation I was immediately inspired by his AH-mazing coffee table (that I would give my right arm for… possibly even give up a child or two for it.) I was feeling a rustic/industrial/vintage-y vibe for his space would be perfect so that’s where we started! After I created a layout for him and he approved it, we got right to work and found the rug, sofa and decor fairly easy and in the mean time he was using his outstanding craftsmanship to fix up the room. I enjoyed working with Ron specifically because he is far more talented in woodworking than I can ever dream up to be so whatever wild idea I would come up with, he was able to put his hands to work and make it happen. Here is a before picture so you see how it all started…


He was the most go-getter human being I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He wanted to tackle the crown molding, sanding and painting amongst other things all on his own. Typically I wouldn’t be comfortable with that, but knowing his amazing skills, I let him get to work. I don’t think he knew exactly what he was getting into but in the end the craftsmanship made the space what it is. Crazy props to him for staying patient through it but I would say it was definitely worth it all. Wouldn’t you?



Some of the items you’ll see were actually his already and he asked for me to include them as best as I could. Let’s just take a second though and talk about my mad crush on that rug. It’s gorgeous, it’s legit and it was actually scooped up off of craigslist for a low price!



And remember that overcrowded, unfinished project? Well, would you believe me if I told you it’s a finished bed now?!





So let’s just recap the before and afters for kicks.



Well, now it’s time to start to work on his bathroom and kitchen space…

Keep your eyes open for updates!

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Mountain Nursery Wall


One of the rooms I’ve left pretty much untouched up to this point was Nolan’s room. Poor boy has been living in a nearly naked space. No life. No excitement. No inspiration. I LOVED his bedroom at our previous home and I just kept comparing all my nursery designs to that and nothing, NOTHING added up like I had hoped. Once I came across the mountain wall mural I was instantly inspired. Boom. That’s what the kiddo’s space was going to be. No more nude space. I was ready to clothe that nursery once and for all. So naturally, this whole post is how it all came about and how to abort a nursery crisis. I mean a nursery crisis is a true catastrophe right?! A freakin’ catastrophe.

In case you were hoping for a tutorial, well you won today.




1) Tape off your mountain outline. I could give you exact measurements and details for the mountain outline but that would all be made up. So, the truth is I actually just eyeballed the outline with painter’s tape and hoped it would work. Luckily, it did!


2) Fill in your outline with paint. I had a ton of leftover paint from our last home and so I mostly used those to fill in the mountains. (Also, you’ll see I added a sun. I wanted it to be perfectly round and the only thing I had on hand to make that large of a circle was a pizza pan. So you better believe I traced around that dingy old pizza pan to get the perfect circle I was looking for.)

3) Rip off the tape. Admire. This is where you step back and admire what you’ve done. Tough job, I know.

Here’s a before pic just for dramatic effect…


And after…







Little guy loves it and mama loves it. Double win in my books!

If you have any questions where anything was purchased just leave it in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond!

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Slowly but surely spaces are starting to take their claim in our new home! Our living room is a couple projects away from being complete and our dining room is a paint job away from stamping it finished. It feels good to finally see progress starting to happen! I’ll tell ya, it’s crazy how long room makeovers can take when you have two kiddos 3 and under! Something that should take 3 hours can be stretched to 3 weeks but I swear by everything, we may actually have a finished home here soon folks! (Crossing my fingers on that one…) I’ve also taken on the opportunity to do home staging and interior decorating (which I’m LOVING) and I’m itching to share some of those before and after pics with you all! I’m a pure sucker for a good before and after.

I decided to share our fun fireplace wall first before revealing the whole living room makeover. Who doesn’t like a good teaser, right?! This wall is a very basic project that is great if you’re wanting to make a statement or if you’re just looking to make a creative accent wall! Like I said, it’s a simple project so all you need is…




1.) Measure how far apart you would like your lines and gently mark the wall with your pencil on one side of the wall and then the other. (For example: Every 4 inches down I would make a small mark on the wall with my pencil until I reached the bottom of the wall.)


2.) Connect the small markings from side to side with painter’s tape to create “lines”.


3.) Using your paint marker, create your saying. (We chose “You are my sunshine…” because I’ve always sang that song to our kids since they were little babies and we like to keep a kid-friendly vibe in our home. How very sappy of me, I know.)


4. Once you’re finished, rip off the tape and admire your unique accent wall!


I feel like this is such a fun way to add character to a space!




I think this would be ADORABLE in a child’s nursery or even a play room. Someone hurry up and do it! And if you do, don’t forget to post it on Instagram and hashtag #diyconfessions for a possible feature! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and your twist on this wall idea!

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Chalkboard Wall

Umm folks, my baby boy turned one yesterday and I think I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown!


Okay, okay, maybe thats a slight exaggeration BUT I’m not typically the sentimental type and yet his first birthday brought it right out of me. We have planned just to have the two babies and it’s never really bothered me too bad but it all hit me the night before he turned one. I suddenly got all this emotion…. our baby is now considered a TODDLER…?!, we will more than likely never experience a baby in our home again and soon enough both of my babies will be in school and then what am I to do? Ahhh… the life of a mommy.

Well, now that I feel like I need to pay you for a therapy session, on to bloggy things…

I am loving a “blank slate” for a house! It’s so fun to have a whole new place to fill with our family’s things and to try to make it our own. I’m big on having a kid-friendly home so kids feel like it’s their space too and that they’re not just living in mom and dad’s “untouchable’s”. Kids grow up soon enough so why not let them enjoy their house too as little ones? We currently have most of our space filled in our house but there was one dead wall that just was SCREAMING for help every time I walked by it.


It’s right by the bedrooms so I definitely wanted it to be a fun not stiff space. I figured I haven’t done my fair share of chalkboards in this house yet (not even one small teensy-tiny chalkboard) so a chalkboard wall is what it would become. It was the easiest project I’ve done to date! I was able to conquer it all while my boy took a nap and it was dry by the time he was up! Check out how easy it is….




1) Using painter’s tape, tape off your shape onto your wall. (You can do anything from a basic square to how the outline of a house like I did.)

2. Now fill in the tape using your chalkboard paint.


3. Once it’s dry, peel off the tape and voila!





As you can see the kids are already putting it to use…



Now, back to painting our built-ins that I’ve been working on for…. ughh, THREE weeks now!

Patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…patience is a virtue…

Wish me luck!


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