Carpet Stains..?!

Does anyone else have a weird obsession with vacuuming? {Don’t leave me high and dry now folks..} I could possibly be on one of those shows like “My Strange Addiction” and you’ll see me singing to myself, vacuuming every inch of my floor, claiming it to be my stress reliever. haha. Wellll maybe that’s a teensy-tiny stretch but for real, I vacuum.. a lot. 😉

Now that confession time is over, let’s move on to my point…

In the process of vacuuming my home, I moved a rug aside that should have been vacuumed under at least a year ago {–>don’t judge} juuuuust to find that I had originally put the rug in that specific spot to cover where I had dripped grey paint. Oh yeah, dripped dark grey paint everywhere… like all over our creamy colored carpet. AHHH! I had totally forgot all about the paint spot and realized it was time to rid of that nastiness. I pulled out one ‘ingredient’ from our pantry {hydrogen peroxide} and started an experiment. It was a complete surprise to me that it actually worked! I decided to go online and scope things out to see if I’m the only crazy fool who pulls out hydrogen peroxide from their pantry to clean carpet stains and guess what?! There are plenty of other crazies out there that have tried this too AND have found it successful!

Here’s the deets…

carpet cleaner

Items Needed:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Damp Cloth

the “How-To”:

1. Saturate the stained section of your carpet with Hydrogen Peroxide. {I used a cloth saturated in Hydrogen Peroxide and soaked it that way. You can also use a sponge!}


2. Allow to sit for five minutes.
3. Blot & scrub the stain with a damp cloth until it is removed.

photo (2)
4. Repeat as many times as needed until the stain is completely gone.

photo (1)

I swear by this simple method! Honestly… I’ve been using it all over my house and so far it’s been a success!


—>Also, check out for more tips on how to clean those extra rough & tough stains!

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  1. My dog had her nails clipped and the Vet banaged her foot. Needless to say I was at the other end of the house and she was walking around without the bandage on our white carpet! Hello hydrogen peroxide. Worked like a dream!!!!

  2. I never thought of trying peroxide but I will now thanks for the tip!

  3. I use regular rubbing alcohol on my carpet stains and it works GREAT. I just put some in a small spray bottle, spray the area and scrub with a wash rag. We had this stain on our carpet before we moved in and we brought in a professional carpet cleaner (to do the whole house) and the stain looked like it had gone away but after a couple of weeks it resurfaced. Well I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and that stain is gone gone gone!

  4. I ran out of carpet stain remover and haven’t gotten to the retail outlet but this week to purchase any. What other varieties of cleaning materials will function.

  5. I thought the pic looked like some color had been pulled. Be careful because that is exactly what peroxide will do, pull color from fabrics!!

    • Exactly. I noticed the same thing from the picture. I’ve also tried this on my carpet, approximately the same colour as in the picture, and it pulled colour from the carpet, too. My carpet is exptremely old, though, so I didn’t care, LOL. BUT, if your carpet is new and you DO care, I suggest going my the manufactures’ suggestions of what is and is not good to use to clean your carpet.

  6. Using peroxide on light colored carpet is understandable, but my house has navy blue carpet thoughout. Will applying peroxide to this dark color take out or diminish the color?

    • I don’t suggest using it on dark blue or any dark coloured carpet for that matter. Use warm water and mild soap, something like castile. Mix about 1 cup. warm water with a squirt of castile liquid soap. That should work. Try this in an inconspicuous area first…..

    • My husband and I have a professional carpet cleaning company in California. I am a avid DIY. We suggest a product called Folex. You can get it at home depot where they sell the carpets as well as some of the grocery stores here in Cali sell it. Be careful with some of the market spotters they set stains in or bleach them out. I have heard you can use peroxide and rubbing alcohol but have never personally tried…. Also watch out for “scrubbing” your spot to much. You could fray your carpet fibers by to much scrubbing. Blotting is better for your carpets.

  7. I would be careful if carpet is a colored one.. hydrogen peroxide is like bleach.. works great to get blood out of clothes, to put on a wound to clean it out.. to sterilize your toothbrush, etc.. do a color test first somewhere where it won’t show. shaving cream also works on some stains.

  8. Also yur car or truck use that it work 🙂

  9. This doesn’t bleach the fibers?

  10. I wonder if it will take out pet urine..I have a white shag carpet..tried to clean the stain but it just make the spot yellow.

    • Debbie, the best thing for pet urine is vinegar. Soak the stain in vinegar, then blot up. Repeat until the stain is gone. If you’re cleaning your carpets, put vinegar where the shampoo goes. Just vinegar…no shampoo. It will get rid of stains and odors and your carpet will stay clean longer. Shampoo leaves a residue that holds dirt.

    • I tried vinegar and baking soda on my cream coloured carpet and after a couple of weeks the mild yellow stains had turned an alarming obvious orange! As a last resort i dripped some hydrogen peroxide on as a test, and voila! Then i sprayed the rest and it took the dog urine right out. And yes, the treated carpet is lighter than the normal carpet but once its walked on a few times it should “dirty” up.

    • I use baking soda. I blot the pet spot, then very generously sprinkle baking soda on it. Let it set till it is dry. The baking soda draws the pet mistake out from the carpet. The soda will be discolored. Stain and odor are removed. Vacuum the dry baking soda. I would definitely test an inconspicuous patch if you’re carpet is dark. Unfortunately, the soda may discolor it. Not real pretty while it’s drying but oh well, it works like a charm!

  11. sandra stinson says:

    Do you have any suggestions how to get cat urine stains and smell out of carpet. I heard from somewhere to spray vodka on ot and it will get the smett out.

    • To Sandra: To get out urine smells. Plain old baking soda. empty the box around and on the stain. Take your broom and work into the carpet. Then after a couple of hours or so vacuum up the dry baking soda it will take the smell with it.

    • Debra LaCourse says:

      Spray ammonia….takes out smell after it dries.

      • Eleanore Blacketer says:

        NEVER use ammonia to handle pet stains! Ammonia is a product of aging urine and will attract pets to use that “spot”!!

  12. I use the cheapest brand of shaving foam. Just shake, spray wipe off with damp cloth – all gone! I use shaving foam on my car seats too.

  13. Another very strong and powerful post. I’ve been reading through some of your previous posts and finally decided to drop a comment on this one. I signed up for your newsletter, so please keep up the informative posts!

  14. hydrogen peroxide is good for a lot of things, when there is blood on clothes we reach for hydrogen peroxide bam gone. I bought a used truck and carpet in it is so nasty think i’ll buy a few bottles and see if it can help out, what could it hurt they are already screwed lol

  15. My mom taught me ti use windex on carpet stains in the same manner as the peroxide is used and it works like a charm. Ive passed this on to my kids.

  16. I read on pinterest all the time about the “miracle” carpet cleaner but it includes dish detergent. Do NOT do ti!!! The soap, unless you are able to completely rinse it out, will actually attract dirt and hold it there like glue. Been there, done that.

  17. Thank you for the tip!

  18. Any chemical you add to your carpet will have a possible harmful effect to it. Always test in a closet to see how your carpet reacts with each type of chemical. Peroxide can take color out of fibers on many carpets. Some of these suggestions are fine, but each carpet manufacturer and different styles of carpet react differently so please be careful.

  19. I’ve tried peroxide as a spot cleaner and it worked amazingly! does anyone know if you can put it in a carpet cleaning machine, like the Bissel Proheat 2x, in place of the soap?

  20. Thank you so much for this tutorial! My boyfriend comes to my house with his dirty, greasy boots and one day, after months, i realized that it was building up in front of my couch. (you know, where men like to sit 😉 ) It was BAD. I have no clue how i didn’t notice it happening before. I have tried just about every carpet cleaner on the Walmart shelf and NOTHING was taking it out. I used the hydrogen peroxide and its almost 100% like new again. You may have just saved my deposit on the apartment. 🙂

  21. Thanks! Must try this at home.

  22. Charlene says:

    Does any one know how to rid cat urin smell out of leather sofa and recliner?

  23. So happy I stumbled upon this post! I have so many carpet stains that I can’t wait to tackle…and you are not alone in your vacuuming stress relief 🙂

    I love myself a clean, vacuumed floor!

  24. I always knew peroxide to ‘bleach’ as when I used it to lighten my hair way back when. Won’t it do that to carpeting as well?

  25. Janice Porker says:

    friend told me to spot clean carpet with woolmix and vinegar in warm water. Worked wonders

  26. My daughter slept on the floor of her bedroom and had her menstrual cycle overnight and didn’t realize it till the next morning, now, I have a bloody mess on the carpet and her blankets. What would be good to get blood stains out of tan carpet?

  27. Does anyone know how to get rid of hair Dye on rug? I accidentally spilled some and it turned black! Ugh!! Help plz!

  28. Have a question. My carpet is old, so bought a 8 foot carpet to put over part of it. Used carpet tape to keep in place. Well, now in have carpet glue on carpet underneath. How do I get rid of it. Bought Glue Begone and a few other commercial products, doesn’t work. Any ideas.

  29. I tried hydrogen peroxide on a balsamic vinegar stain that was less than a month old. It looked like it worked but the stain resurfaced within a couple of days. Very frustrating. I may try the rubbing alcohol.

  30. Hydrogen peroxide works great for cleaning paint stains, indeed. It’s a really good idea and very useful. Thank you for sharing!

  31. I sprinkle kitty litter on cat or dog urine when mistakes have been made and leave on for about 24hrs at least then vacuum up and its all gone and there is no smell left behind. I do put a heaped lot on as it draws out any urine in the carpet. Works a charm as I have an elderly cat who is now having ‘accidents’ and often doesn’t use the cat box.

  32. I will chime in in favor of peroxide and Folex. Peroxide has been my go-to from the time a few years ago when it TOTALLY removed brown dog vomit from beige carpet. I have 15-year-old light beige carpet similar to the one in the photo here. I will shamefully admit it has only been cleaned once. The hallway in from the garage which is used daily is the worst area. I just bought a factory reconditioned Bissell Quicksteamer. For this hallway, I am thinking of using a mixture of peroxide and alcohol and maybe a small amount of the Bissell cleaner included in the box. Anyone tried that mixture? Oh, and as for Folex – I have seen espresso removed from white shorts by just spraying it on! no kidding!

  33. Bilbo Baggins says:

    So we had a professional carpet cleaner come to clean up a spot which had some cat vomit. Carpets are a grey wool, less than a year old. Cat vomit had been mostly cleaned up just some bits deep down that needed a machine to get them out, not really noticeable.

    The carpet guy used HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and BLEACHED THE CARPET!! The spot now looks like a really bad orangey peroxide blond colour.

    Think twice about doing this….

  34. bethany johnson says:

    I wonder if this would work for my mattress? I noticed, the bottom corner of my mattress, where my kids climb in and out of my bed, (my 1 year old finds it hilarious to unmake my bed completely) is looking a little dingy.


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