Protein Hair Mask

Since I’ve had my little one, I have really struggled to find time to do my hair! It’s sometimes complicated to just find time to wash it! {I know it’s gross but let’s be real folks.} These days I tend to just “throw it up”, spray a little hair spray on it and go. I normally have a lot of body to my hair since it’s naturally wavy but lately it has been limp, dry and just plain blah. I researched and found that a hair mask is supposed to boost the body and give it shine as well as nourish the scalp which sounded wonderful but I really didn’t see how it could give it body. I figured that the olive oil in the hair mask would just make it greasy and weigh it down. Either way though, I was desperate and gave it a shot. My expectations were pretty low and I honestly didn’t know if my hair would end up looking like a grease pit when I was finished with the mask but to my surprise, it worked beautifully!!! Honest… I felt I needed to take the time and share this with all of you because it’s just that amazing. You HAVE to try this!

Protein Hair Mask {Recipe}

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  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 1 Cup WARM Water

How To:

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  • Make sure your hair is freshly washed & detangled. Also, pat hair with towel to soak up moisture.
  • Mix all ingredients together.
  • Apply to damp hair. {The best way to do this is to use a bottle with a small opening at the tip and distribute throughout hair.}
  • Once mask is applied, run a comb through your hair to be sure the mask is evenly distributed.
  • Let sit for 30 mins.
  • Rinse hair with warm water & shampoo & condition as normal.

This mask gave my hair more body than ever before and helped to sooth my dry scalp! Loved everything about it! I know you’ll love it too!

Q’s & A’s:

  • What are the benefits of using a protein hair mask? It creates healthy, smooth & shiny hair that has more body than before as well as encourages hair growth.

Why olive oil for your hair? Olive oil improves the elasticity of your hair, conditions and reduces frizz.

Why egg yolk for your hair? Egg yolk makes your hair softer, silkier and more manageable, and the added strength from the protein prevents breakage. Your hair will also have more volume and will reflect light better, making it shinier.


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  1. Great idea,but will make my oily hair have more oil?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can even do this while deployed (don’t ask why I have a bottle of olive oil… random care packages!!) 😉 Just have to beg the DFAC for an egg.  My hair is MISERABLE with the treated water here, some days you can smell the bleach.  I can’t imagine what long hair goes through here.   THANKS!


  3. So you wash your hair and then put on the mask and wash your hair again?

  4. Reblogged this on Cavern Of Craftiness and commented:
    Ooh 1 I think my hair could definitely benefit from!!

  5. thank you so much for the advice. I’ll try it. I also use pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair mask which is very nice and keeps my hair soft and healthy. 😀

  6. do i use the whole egg?

    • Just the yolk. And if the mask leaves your hair with a strange smell, you can add some lemon juice to help 🙂

  7. I need to do this asap! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi there, after reading this awesome article i
    am also happy to share my know-how here with friends.

  9. Nothing like this ever works for my hair, I have such fine hair that even the smallest amount of product makes it ridiculously greasy so I was sceptical of this but I thought I’d give it a go. It worked! It’s not greasy at all it’s really soft and it’s actually got a bit of body. I’m so happy! It did take a lot of water to get it all out though. I will be using this again. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I will try this out ASAP, but I have a few questions first! I’ve been trying to find great DIY recipes for shampoo and conditioner. I have wavy hair and heard that conditioner is best to use in replacement of shampoo, so I switched to that about 6 months ago; however, that’s store bought. I found a DIY recipe for honey/distilled water/essential oil shampoo wash and tried that out. So far it’s okay, but I have a feeling my hair is going to have some nasty build up soon. Do you have any DIY recipes or any suggestions? I love your blog btw, and will be trying out so many of these recipes! xoxoxo Tara

    • says:

      Thanks for the follow! My friend does the DIY recipe for shampoo that you mentioned and it seemed to work great for her. She mentioned that it took a few months for her to notice the positive change on her hair. She said the first few months it made her hair kind of “wirey” but once her hair adjusted, it’s been great ever since. I have never tried any DIY shampoo’s out {yet} so I don’t have a personal recipe I could give you! Best of luck to you 🙂

  11. Do you have to use a boiled egg yolk(the orange part) or use a raw egg yolk?

  12. How often should I do this?

  13. I have heard that if you take the egg shells and crush them finely and add to your conditioner it works to add the protein and calcium to your hair and scalp. I have yet to try it. I like the mask idea too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  14. Here’s a tip. The olive oil mask itself is amazing. Just apply it on your hair, put a bag on your head and wait for 2-3 hours. To avoid getting oil on your clothes and skin, you can cover everything with a towel.
    And for the egg mask, use the yolk for your scalp and the white egg for the rest of your hair. Warning. After that, your hair will smell like a cat after a rainy day so you can add a little bit of lemon juice and it will work just fine.

  15. Will lemon juice lift hair dye from hair?

  16. How many time do you do this in a week or a month

  17. I was actually looking for some article like yours. As I have oily scalp, adding olive oil won’t make my scalp more oily or will it do so??? Or what can be used as a substitute to olive oil.

  18. do i mix water with it or is just egg yolk and olive oil

  19. Thanks for sharing, that’s so cute. What do you think is the best hair mask for hair breakage and split ends? It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers, and I would love to know what you might think of it.

  20. Hi,

    Egg is the best protein mask for your hair. Egg gives the hair a bounce and shine.

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