3 fun ways to knot a belt


Hello, my name is Ceara… and I’m a belt addict. It’s slightly ridiculous how much I love to wear belts with {uh-hum} everything! I’m nearly 8 months pregnant and I’m still squeezing myself into belts that were sizes ago… of course they just have to be moved up a little higher than the standard waist line BUT it works. 😉 I think belts are the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. You could be wearing a very simple black and white outfit but then throw on a belt with a pop of color and voila… eye popping! We all know the basic way to wear a belt but sometimes it’s just fun to change things up soo… I wanted to share with you guys my favorite three ways to knot your belt! Check out how cute they are!

1. Check out the “Loop Knot” via: the blush chronicles. It’s a fun way to spice up a belt!

single knot

2. The “Double Loop Knot” via: cute and little is a show-stopper for sure! People will be asking you left and right how to do this knot…

double loop knot

3. The “Bow Knot” via: joy cotton is a fantastic way to use a belt that is to long!


I love these looks! It’s amazing how different it can make an outfit look just by doing a unique knot!

If you need or would like a tutorial on how to tie these knots, be sure to click the link for each one!

Have fun changing things up! 😉

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  1. Love this post! I always want to wear a belt but I own zero! Then when I see a cute one I make myself think twice about whether or not I would actually wear it… then I regret not getting it when I have a “not so colorful” outfit on that needs some pizazz. You have officially made me want one though. A red one! =] The next time I see one, I’m getting it!


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