DIY Arm Knitting {Infinity Scarf Tutorial}

photo I couldn’t be any more excited to share this arm knitting tutorial with you! I am beyond obsessed with scarfs so much so that I wear them even in the blazing hot summer. I just brush it off and say “oh, ya know, it’s a summer scarf…” if someone calls me out for it. Ha. This type of scarf I’m sharing with you today is the perfect one for Fall and Winter though because of how chunky and amazingly cozy it is! I’m telling you, if I can make this, you can make this! I have NO clue how to knit or crochet (hoping to learn ASAP) so I’m zero experienced in this field but the arm knitting is doable for literally anyone! I do have to admit I read on other bloggers sites where they say “it’s SOO easy” and “it’s one of the most simple tutorials”… I’m not going to lie, I found it quite confusing at first and literally had to start over 3 flippin’ times. So, although it definitely is something anyone can do, if you’re like me, you may have to watch the tutorial a few times before truly getting the concept. Hang in there though, it’s worth it! 😉 Once you get it down pat too, it only takes about 35-45 mins to make!

I honestly watched probably five different video tutorials before finding the video I felt made the most sense which is the one I’ll be sharing with you all today! Jennifer explains the detail perfectly and goes slow enough to where you can actually follow along. Don’t be afraid to rewind the tutorial and re-watch parts through again if you feel lost! I did it many times!


  • 2 packages of bulky yarn
  • scissors

Now, dun..dun..dun…. the amazing video via Jennifer from

CLICK LINK to see video:


This infinity scarf makes for fantastic gifts as well! I know I will be making these in bulk and giving them as Christmas presents this year for sure!


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out and for sharing the video! So glad you liked it 🙂

  2. Love it!! I, too, saw this tutorial and tried to follow along but kept having to start over and eventually gave up. Ha! Maybe I’ll try it again. =]

  3. You said that someday you want to learn how to knit? Surprise! You now know how. “Arm Knitting” is just regular knitting on a larger scale. For regular knitting, you just use sticks instead of arms. How Jen shows you to “get started” is the same as a “long-tail cast on” for regular knitting, and the end of a project in knitting is called just what she calls it, “binding off.” It might be a little fiddly getting used to using the sticks instead of the arms, and how to hold the yarn with your fingers around the sticks. But you’ve got the hard part down – the concept. I say you should try it!

  4. what color yarn did you use? DETAILS please! Gorgeous. I’m looking for a dark mustard color like this!



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