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It’s not even hit Thanksgiving yet and I’ve got my Christmas tree up and the mantle decorated! I’m a straight-up sucker for Christmas. It just has such a coooozy, happy vibe. I love to stretch that out as long as I can! This year I decorated a little earlier than I normally do though since my little guy will be arriving ASAP {ASAP as in his due date was, today! Ahh…c’mon baby!} and I felt I might be lacking in the motivation area once he’s here. I have to say, Lyla had a blast decorating the tree this year and she’s enjoyed “un-decorating” the tree too… many, MANY times. I guess I’ll excuse it though since she’s only two. ;-) I decided to get her fully involved in the Christmas decor by having her help me make our tree topper! It’s very simplistic but has the perfect rustic vibe I was going for with our tree this year and plus, once she saw her work being displayed at the top of the Christmas tree, she was beyond herself. Melts this momma’s heart. Check out how easy this project is… like I said, even the kiddos can do it!


  • 5 sticks equal in length {I literally just picked mine up from outside and cut them to 2 ft each}
  • yarn OR twine
  • glue gun
  • epsom salt


  1. Criss-cross two of your sticks to make a “V” shape.
  2. Wrap your yarn {or twine} around the ends of where the sticks meet together and glue the end.
  3. Repeat until your star shape is complete.
  4. Once the ends of the star are all wrapped, apply glue across the sticks and sprinkle on your epsom salt.
  5. Now display this beauty on the top of your tree!



The cool thing about this project is it can be used as a tree topper, a display on the mantle or you could hang a string from it and display┬áit on the front door. There are endless possibilities to this easy/fun project! Keep in mind imperfection works beautifully on this craft so don’t stress yourself out trying to make it “just-so”.

Aaaand…. I just had to share this candid pic. It shows her pure excitement when she saw the star was on the top of the tree. :-)



Have fun DIY-ing folks!

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  1. Aw, she looks so excited and proud! =] I want to decorate for Christmas soooo bad! We always get our tree the day after Thanksgiving though so I have to wait. Where is that second baby!?

    • says:

      Thanksgiving is right around the corner luckily! ….Second baby is running behind! Two days overdue already. Hopefully little guy decides to show up soon!

  2. This is so fantastic!!! I definitely need to try this. Now if only even-width twigs weren’t so difficult to find around here… Congrats on your little one by the way! :)

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